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Leadership Foundations Publication

Leadership Foundations

City as Playground Anthology

City as Playground Anthology

Leadership Foundation engaged BitterSweet Creative to create a one-of-a-kind printed publication featuring essays by renowned thinkers of our time. Our work included creative strategy, editing, graphic design, photography, and print management.

How your team was able to take the mad ramblings of Jonathan and me and shape them into the volume I now hold in my hand is, simply stated, miraculous. Further, you found (even before us) the sacred center of this book through your artistic eye, analytical editing, and analogical summation. If I had to point to one place where all three of these tumble together in vivid display, it is your phrase on page 129 that simply states “Now, go play.” It is a pure wonder how in three simple words, ensconced in a flourish of color and design, you got to the essence of what we dreamed and prayed would become a reality! No words!
Dave Hillis, Leadership Foundations