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Council on Foundations

Building an immersive leadership experience

Creating an atmosphere that reconciles brand and place.

Building Together 2024 was more than just a conference; it was an immersive leadership development experience designed to bridge differences and counteract toxic polarization. Hosted by the esteemed Council on Foundations, this event gathered philanthropic leaders to develop strategies and skills for fostering collaboration and community empowerment.

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Strategic Approach

Our creative agency was engaged to design a cohesive brand identity and a compelling attendee experience for Building Together 2024. Our strategy centered on translating the conference’s core values—collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity—into every visual and experiential element.

Key Design Elements:

  • Typography: We chose a modern, professional typeface that conveyed clarity and authority, aligning with the conference’s focus on expertise and leadership.
  • Color Palette: The use of deep blues and vibrant greens symbolized trust, growth, and sustainability, essential themes for philanthropic leadership.
  • Imagery: We incorporated high-quality images featuring diverse individuals and dynamic interactions to reflect the global and inclusive nature of the event.
  • Brand Messaging: The tagline “Innovate, Collaborate, Empower” encapsulated the conference’s mission, guiding all marketing materials and on-site communications.

Experience Design

Utilizing design thinking, we crafted an attendee experience that facilitated engagement and meaningful interactions. Key components included:

  • Networking Lounges: Comfortable, strategically located lounges promoted spontaneous discussions and networking among attendees.

Impact and Success

Our branding and experience design efforts yielded significant benefits for the Council on Foundations and markedly contributed to the event's success:

  • Increased Participation: The cohesive and engaging brand identity attracted a record number of attendees, underscoring the event’s appeal and credibility.